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COVID-19 Response

Photo courtesy of United Way of Central Carolinas

The Philip L. Van Every Foundation was an early responder, donating $200,000 in emergency relief to support COVID-19 response efforts in Charlotte, N.C., Charleston, Myrtle Beach and Georgetown, S.C.

The COVID-19 Response Fund in Charlotte is a partnership between United Way of Central Carolinas and Foundation For The Carolinas. The Fund was launched in March to support local nonprofits serving those impacted by the pandemic. To date, approximately $20 million has been raised to support a range of nonprofits that primarily focus on human services.

As a result of the coronavirus crisis, critical nonprofit organizations that serve on the front lines of any community emergency (shelters, food pantries, healthcare organizations) are feeling the strain and expect an increased demand for services while simultaneously navigating decreased financial resources.

“We are grateful for the generosity of the Philip L. Van Every Foundation. The Van Every Foundation’s generous donation serves as a reminder of their commitment to the wellbeing of our most vulnerable friends and neighbors in need during this unprecedented crisis. Because of their support, lives will be changed for the better.”
- Laura Yates Clark, President & CEO, United Way of Central Carolinas.

Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte

Video courtesy of Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte

Critical Home Repair (CHR) addresses major safety concerns in homes by making necessary repairs at a subsidized rate, allowing homeowners to remain in their homes and preserving Charlotte’s dwindling affordable housing stock.

Born and raised in Charlotte, Ms. Marshall has a special place in her heart for her home. Her parents purchased it over 60 years ago where they raised Ms. Marshall along with her 5 brothers and 3 sisters, building a life full of happy memories. She later raised her own daughter there, and her brothers and sisters often visit with their spouses and children to share meals.

Ms. Marshall had a lot of wonderful memories in her childhood home, but time had taken its toll on the structure. “I kept trying to patch things up but there came a point when I couldn’t just patch things up anymore.” She feared she may eventually have to move because she couldn’t afford repairs needed to fix the roof damage, plumbing and electrical hazards. She didn’t want to lose what her parents worked so hard for. Thankfully, she was able to partner with Habitat Charlotte and through the Critical Home Repair program, her home was brought back to health. Roof damages, plumbing issues and electrical hazards no longer threaten Ms. Marshall’s safety and her family home is still well-known and well-loved throughout the neighborhood.

“This year, Habitat for Humanity Charlotte will spend about $2.4 million repairing 81 homes in the Charlotte region. Critical Home Repair projects typically benefit older residents trying to stay in their homes, and the average home repair cost is $30,000. Most of these funds come from organizations like the Philip L. Van Every Foundation.” - Charles Monroe, Director of Critical Home Repair

“We are grateful for the Van Every Foundation’s support and investment in the Habitat Charlotte Region, specifically the Critical Home Repair program. Ms. Marshall is residing safely in her home during this crisis, thanks to friends like you.” - Shannon Hinson, VP, Organizational Advancement & Development

Roof Above

Roof Above Photo courtesy of Roof Above

“We are grateful for the Van Every Foundation’s faithful and generous partnership in our work. Their impact as a strategic funder for Roof Above has allowed thousands of people to find stability, healing and home.” – Liz Clasen-Kelly, CEO

Roof Above offers homeless, substance-abusing men something that life never gave them before; hope and a home. SABER is a nine-month journey toward self-sufficiency. The program offers enough time for mind and body to heal and provides a more realistic setting for successful recovery.

SABER (Substance Abuse Education and Recovery) combines therapy and life-changing skills with the guarantee of free housing, as long as the person stays drug and alcohol-free. Broken lives are rebuilt through life-changing therapy, which includes job training and acquisition, individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, anger management, yoga and meditation. Clients begin looking for work and many obtain full-time employment during continuing care.

“After a 40-year battle with addiction, I found myself lost in the wilderness. SABER offered me the opportunity to have a place to stay while getting to know the real me. The reason I have five years in recovery is not due to luck. I put the work in, and I am reaping the benefits from my hard work. I thank SABER for allowing me in and teaching me how to believe in myself.” – Ron

Roof Above offers services and programs along the entire spectrum of homelessness, from street outreach to shelter to housing, in six locations.

Independent College Fund of North Carolina

ICFNC Photo courtesy of ICFNC

The Philip L. Van Every Foundation believes that access to quality education is critical to the future success of our children, communities, state and nation. In support of our commitment, the Philip L. Van Every Foundation has invested $885,000 in the Independent College Fund of North Carolina (ICFNC) to support student scholarships across as many as 28 member institutions.

“We are so grateful for our partnership with the Phillip Van Every Foundation. Their support provides deserving students with the opportunity to attend the college or university of their choice and pursue their dream of a college education.” – Hope Williams, President

ICFNC is the division of North Carolina Independent Colleges & Universities (NCICU) that provides student scholarship aid and enrichment programs. Since its inception, the ICFNC has raised over $88 million for NCICU member colleges and universities to support students. The ICFNC is comprised of presidents from our member colleges and universities as well as a number of corporate executives.

"I come from a background where my family can’t afford to help me. My ability to attend school comes from my own efforts and the generosity of people like you. I work full-time and attend school full-time. This scholarship allows me to commit less time to outside programs and focus more on my studies." - Hampton Locklear, Campbell University.

Novant Health Rowan Medical Center | Wallace Cancer Institute

Navant Health Rowan Medical Center Photo courtesy of Novant Health Rowan Medical Center

The Philip L. Van Every Foundation awarded a $100,000 grant to Novant Health Rowan Medical Center (NHRMC) Foundation to support the new Wallace Cancer Institute in Salisbury,l N.C. Scheduled to open in August 2020, the institute will serve patients with research-based health solutions delivered through multiple medical disciplines, nurse navigation, state-of-the-art equipment and clinical trials in a single location.

“With patient-centered care, accessibility, affordability, care coordination and leading-edge treatment close to home, the Wallace Cancer Institute will increase patient satisfaction, lower health care costs and decrease cancer-related mortality,” Rick Parker, NHRMC Foundation executive director, said. “The Philip L. Van Every Foundation’s generous support helps ensure that every individual in the NHRMC service area has access to quality care in the fight against cancer.”

Parker points to studies which demonstrate that treating patients in a single setting can reduce health care costs dramatically. In terms of cost effectiveness, the Wallace Cancer Institute is designed to be energy, water and waste efficient.

“Not only will the institute be energy efficient and employ cutting-edge technology, it will double the number of cancer patients NHRMC can treat annually,” Parker said. “The institute will enable staff to deliver the most remarkable patient experience to each of them. Partnership with the Philip L. Van Every Foundation will truly help NHRMC fulfill its vision to improve the health of Rowan County and surrounding communities, one person at a time.”

Navant Health Rowan Medical Center Sculptor Chas Fagan with Van Every statue

Trail of History, Inc.

A statue recognizing Philip Lance Van Every was unveiled and dedicated on November 16, 2019 along the uptown portion of Little Sugar Creek Greenway as part of the Trail of History, a collection of funded sculptures memorializing the men and women who shaped and defined the rich history of Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Chas Fagan (Charlotte, N.C.) is an accomplished American artist and sculptor. His artistic abilities and knowledge of history have led to many notable projects. Some of his previous commissioned work has included President Reagan, President George H.W. Bush, President George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, Neil Armstrong, Rosa Parks, and Mother Teresa for her canonization at St. Peter’s in Rome.

“The Trail of History is dedicated to preserving the rich history and culture of Mecklenburg County, and this latest sculpture pays tribute to the many contributions made by Phil Van Every that inspire us still today,” said Dr. Tony Zeiss, Chairman of the Trail of History Board of Directors. “We now have twelve statues along the Little Sugar Creek Greenway in the uptown section and we are very fortunate to have our manufacturing History represented by one of Charlotte’s most formative leaders.”