In an effort to better serve North and South Carolina communities, the Van Every Foundation is in the process of migrating to an online grants management system. As a result, the Foundation will not be accepting letters of inquiry until January 2, 2018. However, if your organization has been invited to submit
a grant application, your request will be considered in December 2017. We appreciate your interest in the Philip L. Van Every Foundation and value the great work that your organization is doing in the Carolinas.

The Philip L. Van Every Foundation is dedicated to supporting organizations in North and South Carolina which align with our mission and support our areas of focus. The Foundation only awards grants to established organizations which are classified as a public charity and qualified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. If your organization is not described under this IRS Code, then you are not eligible to apply for funding from the Van Every Foundation. The Foundation does not make loans or grants to individuals, political organizations and does not provide support for conferences, meetings or fellowships etc.

Areas of Focus
North and South Carolina are the Foundation’s primary regions of interest. Education, Human/Community Service, Healthcare/Rehabilitation and Arts/Culture/History are our main areas of focus and receive more than 90 percent of our funding. A very limited portion of our funding supports organizations that fall outside these parameters. The Foundation's preference is to provide funding for special projects and capital needs. Operating funds, including salaries, are outside the Foundation's area of interest.

How to Apply
Qualified organizations which meet our grant making guidelines are invited to submit a "letter of inquiry" not to exceed one page. The first paragraph must include the name of the organization, mission and purpose, the dollar amount requested, and the intended purpose of the request.

The font size must be a minimum of 11 point; margins should be one inch. After review of your inquiry, you will be notified if the Board believes that your organization is a good match for funding from the Foundation. Initial interest from the Foundation does not indicate that you will be invited to apply for funding.

Letter of Inquiry - Required Information
1. One page on organization letterhead (minimum 11 point font & one inch margins)
2. Organization Name/Mission (opening paragraph)
3. Amount Requested (opening paragraph)
4. Purpose of the Grant (opening paragraph)
5. Geographic region served
6. Must be signed by the CEO/Executive Director or Board Chairman of the organization
7. Contact Information (include email of CEO)
8. Attach a one page list of organization's governing board including professional affiliations
9. Attach a copy of your organizations most recent IRS determination letter
* please do not send supplementary materials with your inquiry
**Your letter of inquiry will not be considered should you fail to comply to our requirements outlined in the above checklist.

Review and Notification
The Van Every Foundation Board of Directors meet quarterly during the months of March, June, September and December. Letters of inquiry and full grant requests are reviewed at that time. If your organization submitted a letter of inquiry and it was approved, then you will be invited to submit a full grant application. A formal grant application will be sent to the CEO/Executive Director of your organization via email. Please do not contact the Foundation regarding the status of your application. A request for a formal grant proposal does not guarantee funding from the Foundation.

Grant Awards
Grant awards are typically distributed within 30 days after a scheduled Board meeting.

Final Reports
If your organization has been awarded a grant, the Van Every Foundation requires a one-page final report written on your organization’s letterhead which should be signed by the CEO/Executive Director or Board Chairman.  The report should include the grant award date, amount, purpose and a statement indicating that the funds were used for the original intent.  If your funds have not been fully utilized, please send an updated report and include an anticipated date when the funds will be expended.  

*A final report from your organization is required in order to be considered for future funding from the Philip L. Van Every Foundation.